Standard boxes

Filbox, accessories provider
for all types of storage in the winemaking world.

When the metallic pallet box is not usable on your storage site, the thermoformed plates can become a convenient solution for the storage of your bottles.

Sturdy containers

loading and stacking capacity,
long duration

foldable boxes

space saving

Security clasp

ergonomic handles

self-centering feet

facilitated handling

The Bordeaux Box
600 bottles

The high-end of metallic boxes
- reference E0060 -

Stackable in piles of 6 (5/1) - 900Kg

Adjustment grate integrated to the base

Strongly reinforced feet, by their easy stacking specific shape

Reinforced welding at key spots

The dividable
Bordeaux Box

- reference E0180 -
End of ballots, test samples,...

600 bottle Box

Box métallique vinicole Filbox, 600 bouteilles

Box with two interlayers
3 times 180

Box métallique vinicole Filbox avec deux intercalaires pour un meilleur rangement de vos bouteilles de vin.

Other boxes of the line


500 standard bottles (reference E0130)

600 standard bottles (reference E0144)


680 standard bottles (reference E0180H)

340 magnum, dividable (reference E0137)

Bordeaux special (reference E0114)


Box Alsace 680 – 720 flutes (reference E0180 and E0060)

520 Cremants (reference E0107)