Regional formats and sparkling wines:
standard boxes

Our objective is to provide you with a high-quality storage solution for all your bottles, thanks to our modular and stackable metallic containers.

Stackable in piles of 5 or 6

Steady first layer clamping

Strongly reinforced feet: V-shaped feet more resistant to fork damage

Arch reinforcement on the sides, very resistant to deformation


Box Alsace 640 flutes

End of batches, test samples,…

– reference E0180 –

Box métallique vinicole Filbox, 600 bouteilles

Box 640 flutes

Box métallique vinicole Filbox avec deux intercalaires pour un meilleur rangement de vos bouteilles de vin.

Box with two interlayers
3 times 192


Box Alsace
680 flutes

The high-end of metallic boxes

 – reference E0060 –


Box Cremants
520 Bottles

Robotized boxing and unboxing possible. 

– reference 0107 –


Box Muscadet
600 Bottles

Metallic reinforced box

– reference E0180 –